The photography of Robert Covell



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A friend of mine once said to me, that the things I am passionate about,

I am REALLY passionate about.


I guess put politely that can mean I’m a bit extra on things I really like.


I hope that comes out in my photography.


While I have passion as a love for photography itself, the camera is simply the medium, and the most important thing to me is that "extra" when I’m taking that picture of whoever is in front of me.


There is a responsibility in taking a picture.

It might be commissioned work.

It might be the arts.

It might be a demonstration against deaths in custody.

It might be a physical form.


The responsibility is...

has that moment,

that person,

that essence,

that passion

been captured with respect and honesty.

Can the subject see the photograph and say:


Yes, That Was The Moment.

the moment